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"For Every Child, a HOME"

Our Services

Services are provided to children and families in which the State of Wisconsin has determined an out-of-home placement of the child is needed.  This is because some form of child neglect, abuse, or abandonment has occurred.

Services And Program Objectives

Harmony Social Service, Inc.’s purpose is to provide therapeutic services and homes for children in need whose special needs cannot be met in their own families.  These homes consist of the least restrictive environments where the child’s’ needs will be met in the most loving environment. Harmony Social Services Child Placement Agency specializes in sibling placements.


Our mission is to seek out qualified, loving, and caring adults to teach, instruct, mentor, and train them to deal with a very delicate population “foster children”.  Harmony Social Services seeks to provide quality treatment foster care placement to children referred to us by Children Protection Service agencies. The mission's principle philosophy, strategy, and methodology involve employing and complying with policies, regulations, and guidelines of DCF 56. 

Harmony Social Services was established to focus on changing the placement pattern of children in the Social Services system. The program is managed by the Executive Director and CEO.  It is staffed by a group of qualified individuals who have committed their time and expertise because they see a great need to reach out to neglected, abused, and troubled children and their families.

Nondiscrimination Statement


Harmony Social Services is committed to providing services to all children who need and seek care in our educational programs, and activities without discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference.  Harmony Social Services also affirms our commitment to providing equal opportunities and equal access to Harmony’s facilities.


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