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"For Every Child, a HOME"

Harmony Social Services Child Placement Agency is a Sibling-Friendly Agency that Practices Keeping Children Together.


Providing service since 2008.



Benefits of Placing Siblings Together

For children entering care, being with siblings can enhance their sense of safety and well-being. They are not burdened with wondering where their siblings are and whether or not they are safe. Siblings in the same home can provide natural support to each other and some sense of stability and belonging. Continuity of sibling relationships assists children in maintaining a positive sense of identity and knowledge of their cultural, personal, and family histories.

For Harmony Social Services, placing siblings in the same home can streamline some processes such as visits by caseworkers. Also, caseworkers are relieved of the obligation to arrange and carry out visits among siblings if they are already living together. Communication between birth and foster families is also made more manageable when there is only one foster family involved.

Conversely, a body of research has established that separated siblings in foster care are at higher risk for a number of negative outcomes, including placement disruption; running away; and failure to exit the system to reunification, adoption, or guardianship (Leathers, 2005; Courtney et al., 2005). Girls separated from all of their siblings are at the greatest risk for poor mental health and socialization (Tarren-Sweeney & Hazell, 2005).


Geographic Description/Types Of Children 

Harmony Social Services reaches out to children in crisis due to their need for love, safety, and stability. The therapeutic vision of our mission is to serve the needs of the whole child.

Harmony Social Service Child Placement Agency, Inc. does not discriminate.  We are committed to serving all children in Milwaukee County.  The target population includes children with special needs (emotional disabilities, medically fragile conditions including feeding problems, respiratory problems, drug exposure, and developmental disabilities), children with multiple social and behavioral needs, substance abuse, sexual problems, pregnant and parenting teens, and siblings. This also consists of all ethnic groups; White, African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian, etc.  Harmony Social Service, Inc. will service male and female population ages 0-17 andspecializes in placing siblings.